We had plenty of photos sent into us from Social Media including ground totals. This is fantastic as we can relay this information with what radar was showing. We had 5-7 inches common around Lubbock and areas to our south. 1" to 3" was common to our northern counties. Some of this melted yesterday, then overnight has refroze. 

Expect icy roads and sidewalks if you need to get outside. If you plan on driving take it slow! Do not rush or speed in these conditions. It does take longer to come to a complete stop too. 

Low clouds moved in overnight and this kept temperatures warmer than expected, but still below freezing. These clouds clear out through the late morning hours then sunshine, but it will stay cold with highs in the 30s. More melting to take place today.

TONIGHT: A hard freeze with a clear sky and temperatures in the teens! Some spots still may be icy on roads and sidewalks. 

REST OF WEEK: Pretty quiet from here on out with temperatures nearing 60 by Thursday. Morning temperatures stay in the upper 20s and low 30s. A dry cold front will drop highs back down to the 40s and lower 50s by Friday. 

Lubbock 7-day forecast

Meteorologist Bobby Johnston