We've thawed! It also looks like we may not even reach freezing temperatures in Lubbock. The last time that happened was February 6th with a low of 33°.

Now, it's certainly possible, and I guarantee several areas will reach temperatures at or below 32° overnight. However, we're forecasting a low of 33° overnight in Lubbock. So wouldn't that be cool if we didn't freeze, or I guess by definition, it would not be cool? 

The southerly wind will help bring warmer temps across the region tonight, but the wind will shift, thus bringing us a slightly cooler Sunday afternoon. Temperatures return to the 60s though beginning next week.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear, low of 33°, S 15-20mph.

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny, high of 53°, N->W 15-20mph.


Lubbock 7-day forecast

As as rain/snow, overall things are looking sunny and dry.