More than half of the dangerous gas leaks around town are caused by bad digging, according to Atmos Energy. 

Even scrapes, dents or creases on those lines can lead to a future leak. In an effort to reduce excavation damage, Atmos Energy and Common Ground Alliance (CGA) urge contractors, landscapers, homeowners and the public to call 811 before any digging starts, as required by law.

"If you're gonna plant shrubs, trees, or put a new mailbox in, you wanna make sure you call so the utilities have the opportunity to locate their lines," Bill Brooks, with Atoms Energy, said,

Anyone caught not calling in the location, in violation of the law, could pay a fine or be billed by Atmos for damages and repair.

"If you do damage one of our facilities, make sure and get away from that area and call 911, as well," Brooks said.