The Lubbock National Weather Service office confirmed a tornado caused damage just east of Anton Tuesday night. Below is the preliminary report from the NWS:
Character of Tornado - embedded in rain within line of storms, moving from south southwest to the north northeast

Location - approximately 1 mile east of Anton, or 1/2 mile east of the eastern edge of the town, just south of FM 597

Tornado Rating - EF1, winds of 110 mph

Path Length - approximately 2 miles (may further refine this distance tomorrow, with a further investigation of locations farther north of the house that was damaged). 

Path Width - approximately 200 yards

Damage - Significant damage to house and barn, trees snapped, center pivot damage

Time - According to radar, approximately 1035 pm CDT (March 12, 2019)

Other Notes - Lubbock radar showed a TDS (Tornado Debris Signature) as debris, likely from the house, was lofted to around 4000 to 5000 feet above the ground.