In 2013, Hailey Dunn's body was found near Lake J.B. Thomas, but no arrest was made. Years later, Hailey's father, Clinton Dunn had yet to give up the fight for justice. 

"I didn't think this could possibly happen to me," Clinton said. "Surely she's at a friends house, she's somewhere, she's going to come home, so I didn't sleep that night."

The 13-year-old from Colorado City was last seen on December 27, 2010. Her mother, Billie Dunn reporter her missing the day after she did not come home from a friend's house she was staying at the night before. 

"I kept us in that boring town to protect my children," Clinton said. "That is why we were there."

3 years later, her remains were found in Scurry County near Lake J.B. Thomas. It was then when her father was hopeful someone would be arrested for her murder.

"I stayed quiet and let them do their jobs for all these years," Clinton said. "I've seen no movement and I'm boiled over now." 

Clinton now works alongside private investigator, Erica Morse. 

"The call for me to help out on this case came about 40 minutes after Hailey was reported missing," Morse said.

At the time of her disappearance, Morse was a news reporter. Years later, she is now a licensed private investigator who dedicates her career to solving Hailey's murder.

"Since Clint started doing the social media blitz, I am confident to say that more than a dozen people close to Billie Jean have come forward with new information," Morse said.

The mother remains the only person arrested in connection to this case. She was taken into custody for hindering prosecution and making a false statement to police, concerning her boyfriends whereabouts. 

That boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, is the only publicly identified suspect.

"Hailey was 13-years-old when she was taken," Morse said. "Which means the closest people in Hailey's world, minus her parents were all minors and this was a town where everybody knew everybody and everybody was afraid of Shawn, let's just be honest."

Clinton is confident Adkins is involved in the murder.

"I'm not just pointing fingers to put anybody that's innocent in prison, that is the last thing I want on this," Clinton said. "I want the person or people who did this to may daughter, are going to pay the price." 

After eight years without Hailey, all this father wants, is for the fight for his daughter to come to an end. 

"He really doesn't live a life beyond fighting for his two girls, fighting for normalcy for him and Chloe and giving justice for Hailey," Morse said. "So maybe one day, maybe they can put the State of Texas in their rear view mirror and go somewhere else and start over." 

Hailey is still listed on the Texas Department of Public Safety's unsolved homicide list. If you have any information on her murder, you can submit a tip through the Texas Rangers, here