DPS and Lubbock police are looking into whether any unsolved murder cases could be related to an Oregon man suspected of being a serial killer. Neal Falls, 45, was recently killed by a female escort in West Virgina. She claims Falls attacked her and she was able to get control of a gun he way carrying and shot him while he was choking her. Police found axes, knives, handcuffs and a shovel in Falls' car. Police agencies in Texas and seven other states are investigating if there might be any links to other cases including dead or missing prostitutes.

"I can tell you that we certainly have had some cases where the victims are similar to what are being described as the victims of this man," Captain Roy Bassett said. "That's specifically what we'll be looking at."

Officers in at least 20 states had stopped Falls and checked his license plate or social security number but he had no known history of committing major crimes.