New numbers are in from the Texas Education Agency that indicate a majority of students in the Lubbock Independent School District are considered economically disadvantaged.
Also, when it comes to what Lubbock districts pay their teachers, they are also economically disadvantaged. We looked at the data for Lubbock, Lubbock-Cooper and Frenship ISD compared to the state-wide averages.

67 percent of LISD students qualify for free meal programs due to family earnings. That's seven percent more than the state average. Just more than 33 percent of Lubbock-Cooper's students are considered economically disadvantaged and just more than 37 percent at Frenship ISD.

The State's average for teacher pay is just under $50,000 per year. Cooper's average is substantially less, around $41,000. Frenship's average teacher pay is $43,000 and LISD teachers earn an average of about $47,000.

As for student demographics, Hispanics make up the majority of the State's public schools which is just under 52 percent. White students account for a little more than 29 percent. But the breakdown is significantly different in the Frenship and Cooper districts. Frenship's White population is 53 percent while Hispanics account for more than 37 percent of enrollment.
In the Cooper district, 61 percent of students are White and a little more than 33 percent are Hispanic
Just more than 57 percent of students are Hispanics in the LISD while Whites make up just more than 25 percent. The African American student population is more than 13 percent.