The Shack BBQ
After a six-and-a-half-year run, The Shack BBQ was one of many Lubbock restaurants forced to close its doors last year.
Owner Kyle Farris says with the constant shutdowns and restrictions, there was no end in sight.
"You don't want to walk away from something you spent so much time and effort in, but brisket went up to over $7 a pound. It was hard getting, just supplies, sometimes our trucks would be half empty," Farris explained.
Farris says he and his wife Kelly made the difficult decision to close shop and move closer to family.
After months of searching for a new owner who would keep The Shack's legacy alive, they found their match.
"We're here for the week training and trying to get them all on the same page and keep everything the same," Farris said.
Scott Stephenson will take over, while keeping the same cook, pitmaster and menu as before.
"The same core and then we'll add on, but we definitely need some help so if anybody needs a job come see us," Farris added.
Despite some setbacks, the plan is to open the doors in a couple weeks.
"I mean we'd love to open tomorrow but we're just, we want to make sure everything's right," Farris said.
While the barbecue joint was shut down, Farris says it tried to support other small businesses in Lubbock by sharing their posts on Facebook.
"Not only did restaurants suffer, but a lot of other people did, too. So, the ones that stuck it out and made it, that's awesome. And we just hope to kind of bounce back and just keep on trucking," Farris added. 
Farris says the official reopening date will be announced on their Facebook and Instagram page.