Lubbock power

While LP&L has temporarily ceased rolling power outages, it remains on high alert, awaiting instruction from the Southwest Power Pool.

Lubbock residents have already been affected by controlled blackouts this morning.

Jose Valenciano and his wife had just finished breakfast, when the power went out for half an hour.

They charged their computers just in case, but Valenciano says the state should have a better plan for this kind of situation.

"This should not happen. And too many people depend on power and it's just a circumstance that should not happen but it does. And so, I'm glad the governor's thinking about trying to make some adjustments to this because it's necessary. This shouldn't happen in a state that's this affluent with resources," Valenciano said.

Many school districts have cancelled classes, keeping students at home.

One student awoke to no power and a cold house.

She says she's excited to spend the day watching TV with her grandma.

"We packed a suitcase to come over to here to my Momo's house and everything, so we could maybe stay a night and so we don't get cold at our house," she said.

One Lubbockite says she hasn't had an outage yet, but her mother did.

She's been checking on her family to make sure they're prepared for the rolling blackouts.

"Yesterday we did have our pipes freeze, at least just our cold water in the kitchen, but other than that, we've been staying warm, keeping our dogs in and out. I just hope everybody's trying their best to stay warm and not freeze," she added.

A Littlefield pastor who lives in Lubbock lost power for about 20 minutes this morning.

He turned off his heating unit and put a space heater in his office to conserve power.

He says he had an interesting trip to the dentist this morning.

"I went to the clinic, all lights is off. Wow, and they said I'm so sorry. No, no, no, congratulations. It's good. We need to cooperate with the government," he said.

City leaders are urging residents to set your thermostat at 68 degrees, close your blinds and avoid using the washer, dryer and dishwasher in the morning.

That's when the load on the grid is at its peak.