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Weather: A chill in the air this morning, but like yesterday we will quickly warm with highs in the upper 70s. It will also become gusty like yesterday with wind speeds 20-30 mph during the afternoon from the southwest. A dry cold front tonight will drop highs to the 50s tomorrow with a breezy northerly wind early.

The City of Post has been without water for days, following last week's winter storm

Thousands of bottles of water were given out yesterday evening to hold over the town's 5,000 residents. This is the longest they've gone without running water, according to most longtime residents. A leak in the pipeline from Slaton that brings water to post from 20 miles away is partly to blame. We're told it has been fixed. But even when the water comes back, there could still be lingering problems.

Most water has been restored in Crosby County, nut the boil water notice remains and residents are asked to continue conserving it

The White River Municipal Water District is the county's main water supply. Since November, it has been updating its water treatment facility and pumping from well fields, filling up tanks that supply each city. The problem occurred when electric outages temporarily stopped wells from pumping water. Even when pumps were running again, the tank levels continued to deplete from leaks and large broken pipes. The emergency management director of Crosbyton encourages neighbors to continue checking their pressure meters.

Hearings focused on ERCOT's power grid failure are set to begin in the senate on Thursday

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick made a visit to Lubbock yesterday and is blaming the failure on renewable energy. He says the problems started around 9 o'clock Sunday night last week. That's when ERCOT anticipated receiving more power than it did. The intense cold caused windmills across the state to freeze up. Shortly after, power went down at natural gas plants, meaning the fuel couldn't get to the generating plants. So, with each of these contributing factors mounting, ERCOT made the decision to reduce power. Patrick says he doesn't know how much Lubbock citizens will have to pay for whatever upgrades are made as a reaction to the recent grid failure but is hopeful an investigation would lead to more answers.

Governor Abbott announced yesterday Lubbock County has been added to the president's major disaster declaration for individual assistance

This means citizens can report damages caused by the winter storm and gain access to federal grants for temporary housing, home repairs and low-cost loans. This comes after Governor Abbott requested that all 254 counties to be approved for individual assistance. You can register for FEMA assistance online, on their app or over the phone.

A bank that loaned millions to Bart Reagor and his auto group is now garnishing his bank accounts

International Bank of Commerce is asking a Lubbock County court to collect more than $23 million from four banks. That $23 million judgment is still gaining interest at more than 9% a year, since it hasn't been paid in full. It finds Reagor doesn't have the assets to cover the rest of the debt so the bank will receive court-ordered payments right from his accounts.

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