An Amherst mom did something very special on the birthday of one of her daughters, Ella Payne, who was killed in a crash in August 2009. That crash also took the life of her sister Aranza.

Christy Payne and her other daughter, Sara Payne, started a diaper drive during the month of February. The couple collected more than 6,000 diapers to donate to one of Ella's favorite organizations in Lubbock, Youth for Christ's Parent Life Program.

The program provides weekly mentorship and support sessions for teen mom, dads and expectant teen parents. The found of the Parent Life Program, Renee Morales, is very thankful. 

"To go through a loss like that as a parent, I cannot imagine what that must feel like or what the family must be going through," she said. "But to take their grief into something beautiful and giving back to others is just an incredibly beautiful way to honor someone's legacy and their memory."

Morales says the moms are going to really appreciate the gift. 

"I couldn't imagine being a teenager and having no one to reach out to or feeling like you have no one to reach out to," she said. 

Diapers or wipes may still be donated in memory of Ella. Just head to Youth for Christ Parent Life's Facebook page for more information and more about their mission statement and volunteer opportunities.