Movie Review: 'Spiral'

LUBBOCK, TX (KJTV) - "Spiral" is another attempt to revive the "Saw" franchise after "Jigsaw" in 2017. Remember that one? Right, no one does.

"Spiral" is more notable because it has the headlining star power of Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson slumming in a tacky horror series. But this movie, which was Rock's idea, is more of a police procedural set in a world where the Jigsaw killings happened and now more punished bodies are turning up.
The pitch for the movie feels like "What if 'Seven,' but it's a 'Saw' movie?" But "Spiral" is just flat out silly with a screenply that sounds like it stole dialogue from every cop movie from the 80s.
I love Chris Rock, but it's hard to buy him here as the world-wise, seen-it-all, brooding cop. Moments where he's trying to look angry or serious just look like he's squinting to read an eye chart. He mostly just yells a lot because drama!
I had the killer picked out early on, and you probably will too. The traps for victims are brutal, as you'd expect, and the practical visual effects spray the screen with gore.

In the end, "Spiral" is better than most of the "Saw" series, but after the ingenious first movie, that's a very low bar to meet.