Halloween Ghost Costume Pic

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Halloween is DAYS away… And maybe your significant other scheduled a party appearance you aren’t prepared for. If so, here are some easy costumes you can throw together at the last minute.




YO, Adrian! Get our your best sweats for this one. Or your worst… Just don’t forget the headband!


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Celebrity in the Airport


Go incognito in your best sweatpants, hoodie and sunglasses as your favorite celebrity in the airport. And get ready to dodge the paparazzi with your cool, celeb-inspired look.


Aerobic Workout


Get ready to jazzercise with this easy costume!




Some call it basic, we call it classic. Nothing is easier than putting on some black leggings, a black long-sleeved shirt, a car-ear headband and painting on some whiskers to transform into a black cat for spooky season.


Costume Malfunction 


White shirt. Marker. Don’t forget pants. DONE!



Princess Diana


Bring out your inner royal by dressing in Princess Diana's iconic biker short and sweatshirt combo. She often paired the look with long socks, lace-up shoes and a tote.


John Dutton Costume


In the post-Yellowstone world that we live in, there are few characters that hold up against John Dutton. You may already have everything you need for a John outfit: A cowboy hat, boots, a jean shirt, and a vest! Add a pair of good leather work gloves and a lasso and you have all your accessories. (Score extra points if you throw on a pair of riding chaps!)

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Throwing on a pair of gym shorts and a sports jersey is an easy way to show some spirit while staying low-key. You can be your favorite athlete of all time or even an Olympian – just don't forget to add some gold medals! 


Carmy from The Bear


Yes, chef! For this costume, wear a white tee, black pants, a blue apron, and the thousand-yard stare of a man who doesn’t know if his beef shipment will get to the restaurant in time for opening.


'Mean Girls' mom


If you have a pink tracksuit, you can also dress up as Mrs. George, Regina's mom from "Mean Girls." Just add a blonde wig and necklace to complete the look.


Remote Worker Costume


Don’t lie, we all know you work at your desk without pants on… 

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