City of Lorenzo discussing potential disbandment of police force

City of Lorenzo discussing potential disbandment of police force; Residents react strongly

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LORENZO, Texas -

There is only about a thousand people living in Lorenzo, and it has some serious funding issues.

One problem its city council discussed Tuesday night was how to continue with its small police force.

Lorenzo resident Janet Gonzales said the solution to these funding issues must include a police presence.

"We need the police. I don't want to leave my house not knowing that I don't have security. I have a security system now," Gonzales said.

For Gonzales, she said keeping the cops around is personal.

"They came in and stole guns and jewelry, and I need that protection. As a taxpayer, I feel like that's a dire need here, and I would hate to not have any police," Gonzales said.

She said if there is not a police department in Lorenzo, these situations may become more frequent.

"There's so many people getting their houses broken into, and so many people are fearful at night, people who don't even want to leave their home, go on vacation because they're afraid someone may break into their house," Gonzales said.

The city council is weighing its options moving forward, including a potential one-year contract with Crosby County. 

No decisions were made Friday night though, and further discussions are scheduled to take place at the next meeting on February 11. 

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