Texas Tech Health Sciences Center unveils CPR kiosk

Texas Tech Health Sciences Center unveils CPR kiosk

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Texas Tech Health Sciences Center unveiled a hands on CPR kiosk at the Lubbock International Airport in conjunction with the Heart Association. Texas Tech Chancellor Tedd Mitchell said the protocol for CPR has been vastly simplified, and the kiosk will provide travelers with an informational video on how to perform the life saving skill. 

"The idea behind having this at a place like the airport is it is convenient for folks," Mitchell said. "There is traffic that comes back and forth and it really helps illustrate that heart events occur anywhere. They are not just occurring in hospitals they are occurring out on the street, they are occurring in airports, they are occurring everywhere."

Mitchell said the long term goal is to incorporate the CPR training kiosks in other public places like the South Plains Mall and the Tech campus. 

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