Time is ticking down on farm bill legislation

Time is ticking down on farm bill legislation

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Farmers and producers across the country are counting on congress to finish strong this year with the updated farm bill, one that yields benefits, with weather and market prices changing uncertainty is heightening.

"Hopefully after this week we will have some more details on the package itself," said Kody Bessent, with the Plains Cotton Growers. "As they move on to the first part of December hopefully we will have a final floor vote and have the bill finalized and enacted into law before the end of the year and that is the ultimate goal, I think we are way on contract to be able to do that."

The farm bill legislation deadline is fast approaching and no official negotiation has been made, but there are several factors that could be slowing down the process. 

"They are simply trying to wrap up some of the details making sure that some of the main priorities,that all the four principles they really want are included in the bill," said Bessent. "They are also making sure that the fiscal responsibility is entailed in the bill as well that's what they are waiting on from the congressional budget office from a scoring standpoint to make sure that it is actually paid for and we can afford it."

There is an urgency to get this newly modified bill passed, it will help with sustainability and liability for producers and lenders. Bessent said he is confident both chambers of congress will do their part to get this bill passed before the start of next year.

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