Open Door announces 40th person housed in permanent housing prog

Open Door announces 40th person housed in permanent housing program

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

(Press Release)

Open Door is thrilled to announce it has moved 40 chronically homeless individuals into Permanent Supportive Housing in part through its Housing program expansion.

In partnership with landlords across the Lubbock community, Open Door has been able to place some of Lubbock’s most vulnerable people into the safety, stability, and civility of a home. Following the Housing First model, Open Door houses those who are the most vulnerable first and then walks alongside them on the road to restoration.

Open Door Permanent Supportive Housing serves people who are considered chronically homeless, which means they have experienced homelessness for more than a year and have a disability which can be either mental or physical. The average amount of time Open Door Housing residents have spent on the street is 10 years per person. Permanent Supportive Housing includes 24 hour on-call case management, medical and mental health care, life skills classes, and individualized supportive services. In 2018, Open Door helped reduce chronic homelessness by 34% and continues to take steps toward the goal of ending chronic homelessness in Lubbock by 2020. Since 2017, Open Door housing has ended more than 300 collective years of homelessness in the Lubbock community.

Please contact Brandi Blake at 806-687-6876 to coordinate interviews with

Open Door Housing Director Katherine Hennecke. Two members of Open Door Housing will also be available for comment.

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