Pothole problems in West Lubbock rattle residents

Pothole problems in West Lubbock rattle residents

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With all the rain Lubbock has received this year, potholes are forming faster than crews can repair them.

Large potholes line the entrances to the Milwaukee Ridge neighborhood on 34th and making turning into the subdivision without damaging your car a challenge. 

"I've had to have some alignments done to my, I have three vehicles and it just messes up, especially the one on 34th street here," said Wally Ramirez. "That's a pretty big crater and if you hit that at any speed it messes up your alignment and your car starts pulling off to the side."

Residents said the city has come to patch the holes in the past but after a short period of time the wholes open back up.

"The band-aid was OK in the beginning when it was a few holes here and there but now we've got a gaping wound situation," Maggie Granlund said. "It really needs to be addressed properly."

Mike Gilliland, Lubbock's Public Works superintendent said the number of reported potholes is expected to double in October due to all the rain. He said all that can be done right now is to keep patching them.

"Unfortunately we're in the mode right now where we are patching the patches because right now we don't have the money to completely rebuild these roads," he said. "We're working those into the budget and getting those taken care of as soon as we can."

He said crews will be out through the week patching the holes.

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