Texas special session begins Tuesday

Texas special session begins Tuesday

LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Legislature is back to business Tuesday as legislators head back to Austin to finish what they could not get done during the regular session. 

Governor Greg Abbott calls for 20 items to be addressed in the month long session ranging from bathroom privacy bills to property tax reform. 

Democratic House candidate Drew Landry said the session is waste of time and tax payers dollars. 

"I'm not a big fan of it you know," Landry said. "It's going to be a waste of a million dollars and I can see this happening again and again because if they don't do x, the governor will call them back in September and we're going to do this again. This could be an ongoing thing."

While Landry's opponent, Rep. Dustin Burrows does not agree it is a waste, he does say that the session could be more expansive than just what the governor is calling for.

"Here's the 19 authors, here's the 19 bills and here's the text and you think that's all we're going to hear but I don't know if that's the case," Burrows said. "I mean, if you say you want property tax reform or school finance reform and that's the call, that's a really broad, open subject and there might be a lot of different bills and we might pass those and you know we might get them through the entire process so what do we expect? I don't know. There's opportunities to do other things as well."

Lubbock Senator Charles Perry said while he does not expect the session to be long and drawn out, he does see the potential for some key issues, such as education savings accounts, to hold up the process.

"We'll see," Perry said. "I don't know if the vouchers still have legs in the House. That just really comes down to the Governor I guess to whether he wants it badly enough to keep us there until we get one."

Besides school finance and vouchers, other hot topic items will include bathroom bills and property tax reform. However before any of that can be tackled, the Legislature must address sun set laws set to expire on September 1st.

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